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Unlocking Company Law (Unlocking the Law) 2nd Edition

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Company law is a vibrant and fast-moving area of the legal system. Unlocking Company Law will ensure that you grasp the main concepts with ease providing you with an essential foundation to company law. The book explains in detailed, yet straightforward, terms:

  • Legal Structures of Business Organisations
  • The Company as a Distinct Legal Person
  • Company Formation and Linked Issues
  • The Constitution of the Company
  • Financing a Company
  • Shareholders, shares and share capital
  • Capital Maintenance and Distributions
  • Governance of the Company
  • Legally Binding the Company
  • Directors' duties
  • Rescuing Troubled Companies and Takeovers
  • Winding up and Dissolution
  • Transparency

This second edition is fully up-to-date with the latest developments in the law, including all significant new cases. It also contains new material on rescuing troubled companies and takeovers.

The Unlocking the Law series is designed specifically to make the law accessible. Each chapter opens with a list of aims and objectives, contains activities such as quick quizzes and self-test questions, key facts charts to consolidate your knowledge, and diagrams to aid learning. Cases and judgments are prominently displayed, as are primary source quotations. Summaries help check your understanding of each chapter, and there is a glossary of legal terminology.

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